Relation on the earth basically are of two types: authentic relation and unauthentic. The first one that I would like to call a minor relation. It is determined by the society and the people around you. You cannot moderate it by your choice. Suppose, you can not choose your parents, your siblings. In a word, the relations grows by born, the blood relations.
Now the second one, that is more complex and takes your subjective participation. I would call it the major relations. These are a sort of a complex web, more puzzling and don’t follow any particular certainty. Sometimes these relations are so hazy, you cannot give any name. Then you must suffocate within your self. You cannot prove any legitimacy for these.
But for me, this kind of relations are more adorable where you bleed from your heart, your whole existence participates, trembles and woes. Where no boundary exists, Time ceases and your ‘self’ predominates.


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