Poetry and Poet ___ Imtiaz Naeem

Is there any difference between created and the Creator? Creation is the multiple unity of the Creator. God or Something or Someone has scattered himself profoundly in the whole creation. So in the broader sense we may depict that if we someday can unite the whole creation we may have a glance of our Creator. Meanwhile, would it be very wrong to say that there is no difference between the poem (used as an umbrella term) and the poet? Well, it’s dialectic and diplomatic too.

No difference or distinct gap between the two:
A poet who writes inserts his own ‘self’ in the writings. This insert includes every type of subjectivity and his own impression, passion, conflicts, orders and disorders and some hundreds of unknown reverie and experience. Is there any opportunity to part him from his pen? Whatever he creates is the reflection of his self. It is very possible from his writings to make a sort of the poet’s personality. In this regard I cannot help mentioning of Charles Lamb, Virginia Wolfe, Robert Frost, Emily Bronte, Orwell, Coleridge and many other who sleep in oblivion. We get some transparent view of their mental and external phenomena from their compositions. Apart from these great writers, when a person like you and me hold a pen, his first observation begins from himself and his own arena. To sum up, it is quite impossible to take a detached view of the two living under the same roof.

10411169_1069604916387970_3169054438186545807_nFlow from two stream can never mingle:
Art and the artist are always two different things. Most of the time a poet pens from his own observation or experience. That very factor greatly depends upon spacio-temporal elements. A poet can write poems on the basis of a past war or battle. From this, we can’t say, he is battle man. He may write a poem based on some kind of hypothetical probability. And we can’t obviously name as a day dreamer or obsessed. Moreover, a poet’s impression may not be a universal one. It is said that, artist is the representative of the time. The validity of the saying breeds self-contradiction. Poetry often takes shelter under the roof of escape. All poets are to some extent an escapist. Poets wing from their surroundings to some shore by the Lethe and returns with a handful resource of recollections. It is merely a travel in the fairyland that every child does in their sleep. Well, I have no intention to spread speck on these poets but I like to focus on them to strengthen my point.
Poet and poetry are always two different things. The credibility of a poet lies in excelling himself keep apart from his poem. A mind which acts on must learn to differentiate these two entities. কবির দৃষ্টিতে চুনি-পান্নাকে দেখলে তার রঙ ও গুণাগুণ পরিবর্তন হওয়া খুবই স্বাভাবিক। আবার কবিগুরু গোলাপের মাধূর্যে মুগ্ধ হয়ে “সুন্দর” বললেই্” তা নান্দনিক আকার ধারণ করবে তা ভাবাও সমীচীন নয়।
Best poetry ever has always been very close to life. It is neither a fairy tale nor evokes the warm of daily life. Simultaneously, a good poet colors his material with such paint that in never feels barren nor lives in exile.



  1. Imagination. Truly the bedrock of any good story or poetry. Without we are lost. Interesting blog and enjoyable blog 🙂


    • Thanks for appreciation. I wanted to be more concise and consequently the process led me to choose some heavy thought and diction.
      keep in touch…

      Liked by 1 person

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